About Us

Skippers and crew alike can now find each other with the tap of an icon.

The barrier to entering the magical world of sailing has just been removed by a new free mobile app called GO SAILING. The app was launched with the mission of making sailing accessible to everyone, novices and salty dogs alike. It’s an easy to use, elegant method of uniting people who love to sail. Today’s technology has finally made it a breeze to solve the problem of skippers needing crew, and sailors wanting to sail.

Since its inception GO SAILING has quickly developed a large community of users taking advantage of this new, convenient tool. Our goal is that the millions of sailors around the world looking to do more sailing will connect with skippers everywhere looking for crew.

GO SAILING is presented as a gift to the sailing world by the American Sailing Association, the world’s leading authority on sailing education, as a public service to be used as a tool by everyone interested in going sailing.

Let “GO SAILING” make the connection!

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