Alan Deliso – GO SAILING Skipper of the Month

ALAN Deliso is a very active sailor based in Oceanside, CA. He has been a GO SAILING member since June 2017 and has already hosted more than 12 sailing trips. He describes GO SAILING as “Fantastic”!

Tell me about your sailing background:

Alan Deliso: I grew up sailing on the Great Lakes in Michigan. I sailed down the Eastern seaboard- Lake Eerie down to Florida. I’ve been living in California for a long time. I basically lived by the water all of my life. I bought a new sail boat and I’ve been sailing in So Cal for 4 years.

What do you like about GO SAILING?

AD: I found a GO SAILING flyer at the yacht club where my boat is docked. Martin Rabbits put the flyer i think he’s a GO SAILING ambassador. I did most sailing by myself. Always looking for people and then i found the flyer. I went online and created an event and by the end of the day i had someone to go with the next day. I like the response I’ve had from the GO SAILING community. It’s easy to create an event and I’ve sailed with a diverse group of people from lots of different places like South Africa and Australia.

Any good GO SAILING stories?

AD: I have a new “JEANNEAU” sailboat a 2016 Sun Odyssey 349 – it’s a 34 ft sailboat built in France. I enjoy being able to help people get on water and people are happy to get on new sailboat it just makes it that much better. I always let people on board actually sail it and they are happy as can be to sail it because its brand new.

What new features would you like to see in the GO SAILING app?

AD: GO SAILING is a very nice app it works flawlessly. I haven’t found anything lacking.

If you’re an active sailor on GO SAILING then contact us to share your story.