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The reason Go Sailing was first created was to find sailing crew. It was born from that need, but of course one doesn’t exist without the other so Go Sailing is also a great way to find a boat to crew on, join a sailing crew and/or get on a crew list or three.

For skippers, it’s a go-to crew finder, an app that cures the age-old dilemma and frustration of looking high and low for crew, only to realize that everyone in their limited boat-crew Rolodex is unavailable. Which means NO sailing that day…

For sailors without a boat of their own, they can now find a boat to crew on whenever they want. The sailing world has been yearning for a legitimate crew finder solution and Go Sailing has filled the gap.

Find Crew / Find Skippers
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The Go Sailing app was created by sailors for sailors and addresses the specific needs and issues that are typically encountered when looking for competent crew…

Vetting Crew

Vetting Crew / Skippers

We understand matching skill sets and personalities is at the forefront of finding good crew, so through the mandatory profiles everyone fills out, finding a perfect match is that much more likely. The app also gives skippers and crew an opportunity to chat with each other prior to the sailing trip giving everyone the confidence that it’s a good match before anyone unties any dock lines.

Availability of Crew / Skippers

Maybe the most common reason we don’t go sailing whenever we want is simply not knowing if there is a boat to crew on or if there are crew looking for a boat to go sailing on. So don’t just let the boat sit at the dock pull out the phone and take a look see!

Find Available Crew

So whether you are looking for crew or you are crew looking for a ride/race, download the app and create a free account to see what’s happening in your neck of the woods or, for that matter, some other area you might like to sail. Chances are, Go Sailing will have options to consider.

GO SAILING Available on iOS   GO SAILING Available on Android
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