Jeffrey Douglass, Sailor of the Month

Jeffrey Douglass – GO SAILING Sailor of the Month

Jeffrey Douglass is a very active sailor based in San Francisco, CA.

Tell me a little bit about yourself/sailing history:

Jeffrey Douglass: I’ve been sailing 5 years. Always in the San Francisco Bay. I sail year round, at least once during the week and on weekends. I have certifications all the way up to Bareboat (ASA 104). I would love to help grow the community of GO SAILING members and users.

What do you like about GO SAILING?
JD:It’s pretty intuitive and I meet so many excellent crew! I post a sail on Thursday and by Friday morning its full.

Any good GO SAILING stories?
JD:I’m running Love Boat 101 – a couple met on charter and they are now dating!

If you’re an active sailor on GO SAILING then contact us to share your story.