How do I create / join a club only event?

If you are a member of a local yacht club, or a local sailing club then you can declare your affiliation in the GO  SAILING app. Simply go to your profile, scroll to the bottom, and click ADD CLUB. Then you can search for the club and add it to your list of affiliations.

When you are affiliated with a club you will see CLUB ONLY sailing events that have been created by other club members.

You will also be able to create your own CLUB ONLY events*.

*Note, at this time if you are a member of multiple clubs (e.g. Club A and Club B) then anyone who is a member of any of your affiliated clubs (e.g. a member of Club A OR a member of Club B) will be able to join your CLUB ONLY event. If your event is restricted to a single club please make it clear in the event itself.