Creating Events [Video Tutorial]

Learn how to create new sailing events in the GO SAILING app.

Video Transcript

With the free GO SAILING mobile app you can easily find crew by creating a new sailing event – whether it’s a sailing trip, a social event, or a seminar it’s easy to connect with sailors in your local area.

Simply sign into the app and tap the “create new event” icon in the top right hand corner.

Choose a descriptive name for your trip and then specify the location. You can pan & zoom to position the market or tap the “locate” button to use your current location. Switching to satellite or hybrid view will even enable you to position the marker on top of your actual slip.

We strongly recommend adding a photo to your trip that shows your boat or represents the kind of event you are creating.

You’ll need to specify how many crew you need as well as who will be able to see your event. Public events are visible to all GO SAILING users, Private events are only visible to the people you invite, and Club Only events are only visible to sailors who are a member of the same club as you.

Choose the type of sailing event you are creating, and select the desired level of sailing skills that you would like your crew to have.

Fill out the departure information – this is a good place to include an actual address so that people can easily find where you plan to leave from. Also set the time that you would like people to be there. If you plan on returning to the same slip then you can leave the arrival information blank and just fill out the time which you plan on returning.

Optionally you can fill out the information about your boat – sharing what type of boat you have will likely encourage more people to apply to your event.

The route is a good place to let people know where you plan on sailing to/from as well as some of the interesting places & things you might see or do along the way.

Finally you can set your preferences regarding smoking and drinking as well as letting people know if there is any cost involved.

In the comments section you can add any additional information or requirements for people planning to join you on your trip.

When everything is complete you can tap “Create” in the top right and your event will be published on GO SAILING.

If you already have buddies on the GO SAILING app then this is a great time to send them an invitation – anyone you send an invitation to will get a notification and/or an email letting them know about your new event so you’ll be able to fill your crew more quickly.

Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and wait for the crew applications to start coming in…