Sailing Club Case Study

Let’s say you’re a sailing school with a fleet of boats that are available for charter to your members – how can you use GO SAILING to help you manage those charters?

  • Create a Profile for your Sailing Club

    Sign up to GO SAILING using the name of your sailing club and set your profile image to be your club logo

  • Submit Request to Create a Club

    By default the app is populated with local Yacht Clubs but we can also add your sailing club. By having your own club you can create CLUB ONLY events that are only visible to those people affiliated with your sailing club. Contact Us >

  • Encourage Your Members to Sign Up

    Make sure your members know about GO SAILING and when they sign up they need to make sure they are affiliated with your club in their profile in order to see your events.

  • Create Sailing Events

    If your event is open to everyone then create it as PUBLIC.
    If you event is for members only then make it a CLUB ONLY event.