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GO SAILING Locations

GO SAILING lets you add sailing trips for any geographic location, however, we are currently focused on North America. Below are some of our more popular locations…

San Francisco, CA

The birth place of the GO SAILING app, San Francisco is considered to be one of the worlds finest sailing venues. With year round sailing there is no shortage of opportunities to get out on the water. No matter where you live in the Bay Area you are close to a marina, and regardless of your skill level there are conditions to suit you – you can take a mellow cruise in Sausalito, go on an adventure under the Golden Gate Bridge, or enjoy some breeze-on racing on the Berkeley circle. The GO SAILING app is your ticket to a great day of sailing on San Francisco Bay!

Los Angeles, CA

Marina del Rey has the world’s largest man-made small craft harbor with 19 marinas with more than 6,000 boats. With the Pacific Ocean on it’s doorstep and year round sailing conditions opportunities to get on a boat are limitless. If you’re learning to sail then the spacious protected waters inside the harbor provide a fun playground with forgiving sailing conditions and plenty boat traffic to test your right of way knowledge. Those look for more adventure can venture outside the marine to explore Santa Monica Bay. The local Channel Islands, less than a days sail away, also provide cruisers the opportunity to practice anchoring and spend the night onboard.