GO SAILING v3.2 Available Now

v3.2 Now Available

We are excited to bring you the latest version of the GO SAILING app. It is filled with great new features that make it even easier for skippers and crew to connect and GO SAILING!
Version 3.2 New Feature - Event Types
We’ve added two new event types – Sailing Lessons & Sailing Charters. This will help sailors discover their favorite kind of sailing trips and sailing related social events.
Version 3.2 New Feature - Event Costs
Not everything in life is free… To make sure you know which sailing events are not free we’ve added some icons to show which trips charge a fee and which trips plan to share expenses.
Version 3.2 New Feature - Event Filters

Now that GO SAILING has thousands of sailors all around the world you’re going to need help finding relevant sailing events. The map lets you define a geographic region and the filter lets you choose the types of events that interest you.

Version 3.2 New Feature - Email Notifications

GO SAILING is available on iOS, Android, and in your browser. While mobile users recieve push notifications we didn’t want other users to be left out so we added the option to also receive email notifications.

Version 3.2 New Feature - Duplicate Events

Creating events takes time so we made it even faster. Are you going to GO SAILING again next week? Simply duplicate an old event, make a few updates and you’re ready to find more crew!

Version 3.2 of the GO SAILING app is available now for FREE and there are no membership fees!